Poetry Collection Forthcoming 2012

UpSet Press is excited to announce the upcoming release of Vocalises by Jenny Husk (2012)

Vocalises – Poems by Jenny Husk

“In the poems of Jennifer Husk the world is a membrane words bounce against and poke into, skating on the scrim then delving below in quick sharp digs of fragment, image, and gut-punch. This work is “river dialogue” and “glare on the surface” all at once, achieving experiment, a sustained rhetoric, intimacy and political weight in one go. If Van Gogh graffitied “The Starry Night” on an urban wall then broke it apart with a mallet, you might get at something resembling the rough and precious texture of a Husk poem. Her register is horizon-wide & she jumps its length in a blink: the same stanza holds “rooms of dust” and “harmony,” then enjoins us to “hack the map” and “tag it city-wide.” This is a skateboard train anyone wishing to journey the sidewalk, desert, star, and cerebellum should hop on, presto. I am still traveling.”
Ana Božičević, author of “Stars of the Night Commute” (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2010)


Author Bio:
Jenny Husk received an MFA in poetry from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College in 2003. She currently teaches in the English department at Southern Connecticut State University and lives in New Haven with her husband and two children.


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