Ed Lin & Cihan Kaan @ FIT: Super Rad

April 13th Ed Lin and Cihan Kaan read to FIT students in American Literature who are studying their work. More on the reading and photos soon! The semester has been hectic and yes UpSet Press members are still in school! So we live our lives in tune with semester cycles.

Special thanks to Ed Lin and his warm praise of Cihan Kaan’s work on his website Giant Robot:

I met Cihan Kaan at AWP, just completely randomly because he stopped by the Kaya booth and picked up Waylaid. Hey, he had to be cool! Cihan’s collection of shorts, Halal Pork and Other Stories, was just published by UpSet Press. You want street cred? Homeboy has been getting death threats for the title alone. And just to turn a metaphor around, his writing is killer.

“Brooklyn, New York, September 11th, 1981, I was four. My father had to break into his own apartment, where my mom and her new boyfriend were just beginning to throw a live lobster into a boiling cauldron. Up until that point, my short life had been filled with episodes of my parents battling each other on a near daily basis. When Dad finally left, Mom didn’t waste time finding the next guy.”

– from “Isa, American Turk”

Check out The Flood and Halal Pork and Other Stories. If you meet me and tell me you’ve read them, I will think you’re really cool.

Thanks Ed! We think you are super rad! We cannot wait for the student write ups of the event (which we will post once we get all the permissions in).


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