>The Second Life Premier of She’s Got an Atomic Bomb directed by Cihan Kaan

>(In this photo: She’s Got an Atomic Bomb plays on the left side of this photo while Second Life members lounge in blue cushions enjoying the film. Photo courtesy of Cihan Kaan)

This ain’t your momma’s film screening!

The Blue Angel Poet’s Dive located in Second Life, a virtual online community hosted the Premier of She’s Got an Atomic Bomb (2005) directed by Cihan Kaan (aka Neon Clift) on August 27, 2008. Kaan is the author of a collection of short stories soon to be published by Up-Set Press. The film was released in 2007 as part of a DVD compilation exclusively available at Hot Topic stores: Twisted TV vol. 1 happily now its available on amazon.

Filmed in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn SGAB had a long underground run before being distributed on DVD. SL is the latest arena for the director to experiment with borderless and virtual film screening.


A punk rock female enigma, infamous among members of the city for ruining their sewer system, attempts to build an A-Bomb with help from local Russian mafia and assorted decorated characters. Can she avoid the hi-jinx of two marauding Punks intent on stealing her secret? And even if they do will she inflict her personal justice upon the neighborhood?

SL audience members said:
The 1950’s “aura” of it, the rock and roll, the explosion (or threat thereof), the “film noir” aspect, the femme fatale, the sassy takes-no-crap attitude… all very American touchstones made the film fun!

It’s an interesting film culture which has made as much history by parodying itself as it has by actually being the thing it parodies.

Here is a link to a review of the film in The Indypendent:
“Drunk on Punk: She’s Got an Atomic Bomb directed by Cihan Kaan”

Keep an eye out for this powerhouse writer/filmmaker!


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