>Book Release Party: Matthew Rotando

June 29, 2008

Up-Set Press released Matthew Rotando’s poetry collection The Comeback’s Exoskeleton. Book release party was held at New York City’s famous Cornelia Street Cafe in the midst of a thunderstorm and the Pride March. In the midst of rain dances and rainbow festivities Matt Rotando read his surreal poetry to a full house. Stay tuned for an indepth interview with the poet. Until then enjoy some of the photos from the event:

Matt discusses the intricacies of his poetry with a word-enthusiast.

Matt cannot be boxed in (even if Zohra boxed him into a mirror for this shot).

The audience at the historic Cornelia Street Cafe.

Publisher Robert Booras and poet Matt pose for a shot outside the historic Cornelia Street Cafe.

After the reading, Matt’s nephew uses his amazing abilities to peer directly into his uncle’s brain. “Where does all this creativity come from?”

Up-Set Press family: artist Chanika Svetvilas (our Artist in Residence 2003) and writer Cihan Kaan (author of our upcoming release My Etnik Dreamworld)

You can purchase the book from Amazon.com or order it directly for a 15% discount from the press.


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